July 31, 2014

I never really knew you
but I read the field guides
and you key out as a testodine,
bunkered in shit desert nowheres,
a winking husk of beta-karatin.
the estranged amnesiac is the mutest
subaltern, and I’d be your
embassy, but I never really
knew you, so I read the natural
histories, and it turns out that
the greater amniotic family is the
most successful land vertebrate group
(by species richness). You’ll see
us soon at the open casket, bright
birds and dragons in the temple aisles,
even though reptiles lay hard-shelled eggs
and walk away forever.
I read the Torah but I never really
knew you. so I asked.
You remembered you were some
where called the Bronx, had three kids,
taught swimming to naval recruits, and
that’s it. But then you looked out at
the water like a jowly anole
exhuming an amphibious day of
muscled-up sands of California,
fleeing the mug of the ocean, and
you recruited the entire bus route from
Parkchester to the lap pools.

July 30, 2014

[apologies in advance for this one]
hey it’s me so maybe
this is a little premature but
I wanted to call and say I
has the breast time last ni
BEST I had the BEST time ha
ha sorry phew I thought that
was just like a movie thing any
way I was thinking maybe
this friday I could pick you
up from work and we could
grab a heathen sinner
EARLY DINNER haha wow er
uh cuz I mean I know
this was just my first mate
goddamit A FIRST DATE
but like we had loads to cock about
jesus christ TALK ABOUT and
ah you know like I said not
to make a big deal about it but my
ex was totally unforgettable SEX SEX
FUCKING SEX christ that one
bears explaining look she constitutes
a major piece of ass to me oh come on
a huge PART of my PAST but I’m
totally over her seriously all that’s
left are memories and herpes
KEYS shit KEYS like to her
APARTMENT well okay wait I
guess that isn’t actually any better
look I’m just gonna go ahead and hang
up now.

July 29, 2014

touched down on phobos in oh nine
but deimos eclipsed til may
I had a soyuz to shed but
I had a heliotrope.
There’d be Pavonis cecropia
and the balsa escarpment
if I could return to orbit, if
our blood lump aerosynchronous,
I’m not crazy!
There’d be crow-feathered regolith
with the ka! at the end of each name.
I fell in love when
Mars was warm and wet
when verdant mars (I believe!),
if I could phobos
the gale crater a basin of figs
with Sharp center oculus
the red in the green in the red in the black
in the black in the black in the black.

July 28, 2014

I’d gladly bring a bot fly home,
induct him in my dust museum
I’d clutch my maggot twixt flesh and bone
so all my temperate friends could see him.
The grings scrawl PURA on tropic maps,
with noumena’s diffuse phantasm
when moving, move to fill the gaps
with visions/glucose/rest/orgasm.

July 27, 2014

meet me under awnings with the raff
during raintime under a Hopper lamp;
I doubt we’ll fare much better
but the fun’s in team play, just check out those flies!
Splash your hide with specious oils
& watch your legs blossom skeeter hickies,
it ain’t all bad!
We’ve got that dermal lightning,
that horndog skin, let’s be
leper lovers, let’s meet up
like rats in the bushmaster belly.

July 26, 2014

my jungle pumper calls the forest a machine
and he’s not the first.
It’s a compelling analogy,
I mean,
it’d be a helluva relief if
this whole confounded
gringo-slurping dragon
was actually built by some white
chowderbucket with a wrench and a handlebar
back in like the 20s or something,
blooming some huge hotel mecha,
C4 pistons pumping and a radiator,
vents in the crust and
dumbwaiters to the mantle.

July 25, 2014

pon de floor with a whole buncha fuddy-duddies
(and I’m talking bout a pack of freaking rubes here)
perps aplenty with crimes so mild,
like seriously, the only real sin of fuddydudismo
is in being less of an overly perceptive asshole than you,
asshole! [and here of course the poet is referring to himself]
A new gut and twice my size but suddenly skin
and soggy with your sairvaysa
[here the poet is referring to his father,
with whom the poet is getting along with super well lately!].
I bet Joseph was a fuddy-duddy
that fucking saint,
I bet he said ow ow aiyiyiyi when he stubbed his toe
and endured every boring cub scout meeting
with that gross afghan hound licking his ankles,
souls like that don’t need saving,
and I bet when things with MM didn’t pan out
he wrote Jesus an email that began
"I know things are very difficult and
that you are going through a transitional stage in life
right now.”

July 24, 2014

if we find our queerness on census forms
I found mine in a box of sun twirls.
For me, there was no thanksgiving matriculation,
I’m seated at the third table (from the right,
and straight until morning),
set with insect jars comix and plastic dinos
and lube and lube and lube,
fuckin REM tapes and Kubler-Ross,
old fogie swill in the nursery.
I’m sharing stuffing with Barrie and Proust,
we’re all sun-dried and womb-warm,
Huck-eyed but housebroken.
because  boymen are more Beckys than Toms
Wendys chewing Peters.
who cares if more adventurous,
Xanadu’s a fenced backyard,
and mom’s been watching through the window
this whole time.

July 23, 2014

why would chickenscratch
maudlin in casado rico
while gallo pinto warm next door?
I write and speak with both
hands open, typesetting
Unicode with chewed fingers,
and I got by.
But when my bony flatworms
bestumble plastic and pulp
we’re on a new timeline
and in-betweens my
break-bread, my lie-beside,
I want. fiber optic, I
want to 150 wpm home so
you can’t keep up.

July 22, 2014

I love you like an epiphyte
like aquaman, a pill,
serpentine, a Canaanite,
a rotten rodent quill.
I loved you like a symbiont,
like fireflies, like Pele,
Celine Dion, iguonodont,
like chocolate champion melee.
I love you like kudzu vine,
I loved you tall Croatian beers,
I loved you without paradigm,
I love you without telomeres.